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How to Check for Enrolled Users in Passcode/Authenticate Application

IdP Version: All

Description: You want to know how many users have enrolled for the Passcode/Authenticate app.  

Resolution: You can look through to Audit Log for Realm998 to see who has enrolled through that realm.  Though it will show you the successful enrollment, it is not ideal because it is not scalable.  Another solution would be to run a Powershell command to show you a list of users who have values written tied to the OATH SEED Attribute.  

1. Open up Powershell on your Domain Controller.

2. Enter this command on Powershell: Get-ADUser -filter * -Properties * | ? {$_.postalAddress -ne $null} | Select-Object CN,SamAccountName,postalAddress

This script will pull all users who have a value in postalAddress which is the attribute that is tied to OATHSeed.  If you are using a different attribute, change it to the attribute that is tied to OATHSeed.



This should pull all users within your Active Directory who has a value tied to the attribute you searched for.  

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